Sunday, March 04, 2012

Fancy Dancer Drawing Incomplete

This graphite drawing of a Cherokee Fancy Dancer was started today as practice for a painting.   Yes, it is the same Fancy Dancer I've been trying to sketch for quite a long while.  The eyes in the reference photo I am using isn't very clear, so I am more or less winging it.  I need more practice drawing eyes.  Also, the darks of his hair and the paint is almost as dark as the paint on his right cheek but was washed out because of the lighting. 

Yesterday, I completed the sketch for the YOP self-portrait painting that is due the 20th.  Now to get it transferred and painted. 


Studio at the Farm said...

Ann, I look forward to seeing your self-portrait.

Linda Roth said...

Good sketch Ann. The fancy dancer has strong features and the headdress looks dramatic and complicated. It looks like a drawing that would take a few studies. This one looks like it's going somewhere good.