Saturday, March 10, 2012


I have been reviewing the first session of a webinar being held by Larry Seiler on Wet Canvas.  The Wet Canvas link will take you to the first session held in October, 2011.  There is a new series which began March 6th but I missed the first two.  Now that I have the correct time figured out I hope to join in the rest of the segments.  So based on the first session I chose to study the composition of John Singer Sargent's, "The Spanish Dancer", with the reference provided by  Instead of posting a photo of the painting here, simply click the name of the painting and open it in a new browser window if you want to view it. 

I felt that the composition was a strong "L-shape" with a circular movement.  I posted this at Wet Canvas and am hoping Larry pops in and shares his view of the composition.  There are strong diagonals with the line of her dress, the angle of her extended arm.  The extended arm, with its underlying darks, helps to give balance to the leaning figure. 

Next I did an ink sketch of just the darks then a value study in graphite.  In the value study, her face needs to be shaded lightly as the white of her dress is the lightest light.  I've found this exercise to be an eye opener for me and plan to do more using the Old Masters works as well as current Masters and studying my own paintings.  Hopefully this will lead to better planning and understanding of how to create a memorable painting.  . 


Unknown said...

That's really interesting, how you created the image with just the shading in the right places. Well, I say "just", but that's the whole key, isn't it? Getting that shading in the right places! You did a beautiful job. I need to get into WetCanvas I think!

Studio at the Farm said...

Interesting post, Ann. I joined WetCanvas years ago, but have never really taken a thorough look at what they have on their site. Must do so.

Anonymous said...

That's a great post, I love this one!