Friday, June 15, 2012

Flowers Watercolor WIP

Began this 11" x 14" watercolor this morning using a reference photo taken of flowers by the pasture fence.  Palette so far consists of Fr. Ultramarine Blue, Manganese Blue, Hookers Green, Sap Green, Bohemian Green Earth, Yellow Ochre, Quin. Gold, Azo yellow, Quin. Rose, Quin Violet.

I don't have much patience so hope I can do justice to those flowers when it comes to shaping them.  One thing I liked about the photo was the play of the cool pinks against the warmer tones in the pasture. 


Christiane Kingsley said...

Ann, a super start! I love the colors and the background. You are not only a great painter, you seem to be a fast painter too...You did all this in a day! It would take me a week:-)

renate said...

Hello Ann:) I'm sure this is going to be a pretty one! I already see the flowers come through! The colors you're using are beautiful!
I wait in baited for the end result!

Studio at the Farm said...

Great start, Ann. I know you will do justice to them. :)

Pat said...

looking good so far!