Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tea Party Portrait Study

Tea Party Portrait Study
6 3/4" x 9 3/4"

Finally, plied paint to paper using the line sketch posted the other day.  I wanted to get the eyes and the mouth as best I could but still have a ways to go before accomplishing that goal.   The nose is a little off too and I could go on an on.  Still, it was fun and a learning experience painting the skin tones, with more intense colors in areas.   I lost the whites in areas but managed to keep some light which is always a plus in my book. 

An artist friend from Painting Friends shared Mike Bailey's website where he has a wonderful list of articles to read and absorb.  One day I'll reach the point where I'm concentrating more on design, values, line, contrasts, patterns, shapes, etc., instead of just trying to get a reasonable likeness of the subject.  Just viewing his work is exciting and a learning experience.  Hope you enjoy his site as much as I did. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sketches & Chatter

These are sketches of the same little girl, using a reference photo from the tea party that were taken last year.  The first sketch is very quick while the second sketch took longer as I was trying for a closer resemblance and a more finished look.  The last sketch is basically a line drawing as I need loads of practice doing those.  I will use the line drawing to trace onto watercolor paper so I can get back into painting.  I did overlay the line drawing  on the photograph and it is fairly close in accuracy. 

I've been away from blogging and painting for the last month, going through a severe slump which continues to haunt me.  The only way I know to get past it is to do little things such as play with color, o graphite sketches or do imaginative sketches, look at other artists' work, read.  Then sometimes walk away and let it all percolate. 

I'm happy to say the cataract surgery oo my left eye went very well and I can now see distance.  Until the right eye has been corrected, I am having to switch between two pairs of reading glasses; one for computer work, one for reading.  I'm so willing to do that though just to have the joy of being able to see.

Also, my Mom had a bit of surgery and is now scheduled for a 2nd one the 9th of October.  The first one went very well and she did an amazing recovery.  Hopefully, this time it will all go just as well and they will remove all the tiny spots.  We consider the surgeries a blessing because if they hadn't done the first one they wouldn't have discovered the cancer until who knows when.