Monday, November 12, 2012


8 1/2" x 11"
Fabriano Aristico 300# Watercolor Paper

For the last few days I've been practicing painting portraits using Golden Open Acrylics.  I used a reference photo of a friend of mine at a family get together because she always has the sweetest expression. 

This looks like her yet it doesn't.  So this painting will sit for a few days while i keep looking as to what is throwing the resemblance off just a bit.  I think it is the shape of the forehead. 

5 comments: said...

congratulations Ann this is stunning. I love the skin tones that you painted. I hope you discover what will make her seem real to you.

RH Carpenter said...

What a lovely lady and she does have a sweet expression. You did a really good job on this - wouldn't think there was anything off unless you said so. And I've always heard that, unless it's a commission, you just have to capture the essence of the person - which you did!!

Unknown said...

It is a lovely painting! The tone of it is really nice.

artbyjeremiah09 said...

I love your work. Any tips you have on painting portraits would be greatly appreciated.

Unknown said...

preciosa pintura, es muy bonita :)

un saludo.