Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Practicing Facial Features

I decided I need more practice before starting the actual drawing so did these charcoal sketches.  I still need to do many more as I'm not getting the look I want.  If I slowed down and planned each stroke perhaps that would work better. 

At Painting Friends, we exchange original Christmas cards and I'm waiting to hear from my recipient that she has received her card.  I hope it doesn't get lost in the mail as it has been almost a week.  Every day, I check the mail with anticipation as I eagerly await the card being sent to me.  Once, the cards arrive, I'll post the one I painted here.  It's like Christmas every day, seeing the cards as they are posted at paintingfriends.com


Unknown said...

looks great. I like the texture of the charcoal!

Pat said...

Very good practice pieces!
Hope your card arrives soon, I love this part of Christmas :) x

Ann Buckner said...

Kyla, I love the texture too and working with charcoal even though it is so messy.

Pat, thanks! I hope the card arrives soon too but the waiting is all part of the fun isn't it.