Saturday, December 08, 2012

Winnie & Wallie Part 4

Have made progress but much, much more to do.  Have to shape the top of Wallie's head a bit more and work on the ears.  Darken some lights that shine too bright - you get the general idea.

I'm using a mixture of acrylic paint brands this time which include Golden and Golden Open plus Chroma Interactive.  I took part in a test of the Chroma paints and they very nicely sent me some tubes as a thank you, so thought this would be a further opportunity to play with them. 


ann @ studiohyde said...

This is coming along nicely Ann. I'm guessing you started with a warm background as it shows through, such a good idea, gives the whole painting that glow. Hope you have found the interactive acrylics useful, they blend well, but you have to keep remembering to re-activate them with spray. (must say that I found it better to spray at a good distance and protect areas you do not wish to be affected by the spray....another idea is that I spray my brush instead of the painting...just thought I would say).

jyothisethu said...

love it...!

Pat said...

Fabulous progress Ann. Looking forward to the next stages xx

Vernita Hoyt said...

I really love this painting ... it is beauteous (if that's a word). Those dogs are just wonderful. Is this oil paint or acrylics?