Wednesday, January 02, 2013

15 Minute Sketches

Pencil and Ink Over Pencil

I've started the new year off with sketching thanks to a new thread at (PF) which is "No Time?? Take 15!"  The first photo is the pencil sketch done in 15 min.  The second is ink over the pencil, also done in 15 minutes. 

The initial goal of the thread at PF is based on the fact that not everyone has an hour or an afternoon to paint or draw, so take 15 min. to do just a portion.  The other goal for me is to practice quick sketches.  

I tried holding the pencil cupped in my hand using the thumb and forefinger (and other fingers for balance) to guide the pencil but soon found I was back holding it in a writing position.  

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Unknown said...

Ann, I really like your sketches! What appeals to me about them is the realism. That is primarily what I like in art, although I do appreciate other forms such as line drawings, High contrast and impressionism. I have pursued art since I was a child, more so in my later years and currently I am a multi-media artist working in wood, acrylic & oil paintings, and monochromes. I hope to see more of your work in the future! God Bless, D. Browne