Sunday, January 20, 2013

Keep Paints Moist - Recipe

A comment was left on this blog wondering about the recipe for keeping paintings moist.  This information is copied from and not sure where the original information is from. I hope there isn't a copyright involved. 

the supplies needed are:
glycerin (or honey)
gum arabic

the over all idea is:
1/2 total amount water
and the remaining one half, to be broken in equal 1/3 parts

so a 6 oz sprayer bottle would have the following amounts...

3 oz water
1 oz glycerin
1 oz oxgall
1oz gum arabic

put in sprayer bottle and spray paints before using and during week, if not being used...

the tricky part is, to figure amounts if not easily equal...

one gal shared her breakdown for a 4 oz bottle..

2 oz water
4tsp of all the remaining...

water is always 1/2 of the total amount...


StlPainter said...

Thank you! Caroline

Vera said...

This is cool!