Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Nieces Portrait, Wednesday Update

A little more progress, especially on Bet and Emma, the two on the viewer's right.  I'm not exactly happy with the way the skin tones look. I will have to work on giving the skin more values (color) without such drastic transitions from shadow to light, especially on Kayly (the girl in the dark blue).  There is still more work to do on each feature, clarifying, modifying, etc.  I just love to paint!


Unknown said...

This is already gorgeous, and what an undertaking... to do four people at once! Do you enjoy the variety of being able to go from one to the other? Or is it distracting? I love how you've carried the same hues throughout the piece, even though each girl's coloring is so different, they all have similar tones that unify the piece as a composition. I'm really impressed with this!

RH Carpenter said...

Your family is going to be wowed by this, Ann; and what a task you set yourself to do 4 young ladies you know!! I hope you are having a good fall and weather is cooling for you.

Ann Buckner said...

Katherine, thanks for swinging by for a look at this painting. I am actually enjoying painting all four at the same time. I use each figure for measuring purposes, etc., so it has been quite helpful. These are the smilingest, happiest young ladies and have yet to find a photo not showing them smiling.

Hi Rhonda, I swung by your blog but didn't take time to comment. Love what you have been painting. We are having a fab Fall so far. Hopefully we will receive rain this week but not on Saturday. What about you and Jerry?? doing well, yes??