Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Mollie's Onions In Progress

 The photo above shows the first swish of yellow across the 1/8th sheet of watercolor paper.  I set the tripod on the table with the camera looking down on the paper so we get to see the tripod legs as well.  The next photo shows the quick pencil sketch and in the next photo, a lay in of color.

 The yellow is a cool Azo Yellow then after that dried I laid in Ultramarine Violet in the shadow areas.  Next, I used combinations of Quin. Burnt Orange, Cad. Red Light, Permanent Rose to begin forming the onions and their skins.


laura said...

Looking great. I have to try using that first under-wash ... And I appreciate knowing what colors you use with the yellow: I always ruin my yellows.

guinevere said...

It's starting to look good :)


norapaints@blogspot.com said...

Looking good Ann

RH Carpenter said...

Looking beautiful! I just wish it was a larger painting :) Hope you are doing well.