Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring Thaw

Spring Thaw
20" x 16"
Oil on Canvas

This is my rendition of Cynthia's place in Utah.  I was more interested in the sage in the mid-ground area and the pond in their driveway from the snow melting.  The painting will sit a couple of days so I can look at it with fresh eyes.  

Saturday, March 21, 2015

"Spring Thaw" Landscape Blocking In & Puppy Chatter

 Spring Thaw WIP
Blocking in Stage
20" x 16"
Oils on Stretched Canvas

It has been awhile since I've posted, but today I decided it was time to apply paint to canvas.  I have oils that have been getting dusty and it has been pure pleasure just to move the paint on the canvas.  I am trying to paint without using a medium but have to admit the paint is almost too stiff.  This painting is based on a photo by Cynthia from paintingfriends.com of the "pond" in their driveway.  What caught my attention was the beautiful colors in the photo, in the sage against the orangy color of the driveway pond.

The palette thus far consists of Permelba white, Mars Orange, Naples Yellow, Orange, Ultramarine Blue, Pthalo Blue, Purple, Flesh, Alizarin Crimson, and Cadmium Red

Next, is a photo of the latest addition to our household, adopted from Paws and Hooves Rescue.  Please meet Owain "Butch" MacGregor.  Butch is the name my brother-in-law, Robert, decided was right for the puppy.   He has all the puppy traits, mouthing, chewing, biting, playing hard, and the two other "P's" which I will leave to your imagination.  Lots of cleaning up and I'm trying very hard to keep my composure when he bites so hard because he doesn't realize it is me and not a chew toy.  Hopefully, this stage won't last long. 

Not sure how often I will be posting over the next couple of months as I will be going through daily radiation treatments for a small tumor that was malignant.  All positive thoughts, love and prayers will be greatly appreciated.  I have no doubt that these treatments will do the trick and that I'll come out clean as a brand new whistle.  I decided that Owain needed a home and I needed to take care of him, hence the adoption at this time.